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Get your hands on a box of Edgetite™ paver edging spikes

NEW LOW PRICE on our Paver Edging Spikes

Only $75.35 for each box with free shipping on any number of boxes *offer valid in USA only


Edging Spikes by Edgetite™

MCP Supply is a hardscape supplier of Edgetite™ Paver Edging Spikes. Our spikes help solve the separation problem that can occur after installing paver edging spikes. They were created with firsthand experience when Jeff Goodman, a brick paving installer, encountered this problem during an installation. He immediately started thinking about how to make installations more successful. The result is a stronger and more secure fastener, made possible by the angled tip which allows it to hold the edging tighter and reduces separation.

  • EdgeTite™ spikes improve hardscape project quality by adding increased lateral tensions
  • EdgeTite™ spikes resist frost heaving due to changing temperatures
  • EdgeTite™ spikes weigh 45% less than traditional spikes, using less energy to transport
  • EdgeTite™ spikes are easier for Contractors to carry because of less weight
  • EdgeTite™ spikes can be competitively shipped in the USA by box, pallet or container

from Jeff Goodman

Over the years installing brick pavers I have constantly been frustrated securing the edging on my installations. Sometimes it grips and sometimes it doesn’t... throw another spike in because the one you just pounded in didn’t seem to “catch”. There never seems to be a consistently strong, tight grip and when there is, the edging may be secured to the base but there is nothing securing it to the brick.

Edgetite paver edging spikes help solve these problems. The idea of paver edging spikes came during one of these projects when I began to wonder how I could keep my edging tighter to my installation. If there was some way to tilt the spike inward toward the brick field, it would add strength and the static pressure would hold the edging to the brick. And, if the freeze/thaw moved the spike at all, it would just push the edging tighter, helping reduce separation and the need for repairs down the road.

That’s when I thought of the angled tip. It would deflect the spike tip away from the installation as it’s hammered into the compacted base and tilt the head of the spike in, tightening the edging against the brick. The first time I pounded in a test spike I giggled like a little kid. There is surely something here, I thought. As I pounded, the spike tip went in, the head tilted toward the field and the edging tightened up against the brick. At that point I knew we had something great.


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  • What could be better than to help our industry by giving it a product that will truly help our professionals and their customers achieve an overall stronger and more secure installation? Ask your local dealer for Edgetite™ spikes today.
    Jeff Goodman // Brick Paving Installer
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